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Welcome to River Doodles

Home raised Goldendoodles, AND now BERNEDOODLES, from our family to yours! 

See our newest Bernese Mountain Dog additions on The Parents page!


   Located in Brea of STizsaFace.jpegouthern California   


 I was raised surrounded by Labrador Retrievers, usually two or more at a time.  Our family dogs did everything with us including running, hiking, and camping.  For a few years, I strayed away from the breed and had two Rottweilers.  While, these were wonderful dogs, the athleticism, loyalty, and friendliness, ultimately brought me back to the retriever. 

However, even though Labrador Retrievers are short-haired dogs, the dog hair always managed to pile in the corners of my wood floors.  So through a little bit of research I discovered Goldendoodles; low to non-shedding dogs plus athletic, loyal, and intelligent!

In fact, our Goldendoodle has been such a hit with family and friends we decided to breed her.  We are not a large breeder that has many dogs in a kennel.  Our dogs live inside our home with us usually curled up at our feet.  Their puppies will receive the same loving treatment as they are handled many times a day and will be very well socialized when they leave for their new homes!     

 ~ Kelly
1-day_group2_350x234.jpgWe have goldendoodle litters coming from Petites to Standards!  For more information, please go to our Current Puppies page and to our Future Litters page!




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Eating_350x234.jpgRiver Doodles

Goldendoodles are wonderful family pets. We are expecting beautiful cream, apricot, and red puppies in our upcoming litter.  See the Previous Puppies page or Parents menu tab to find out more.

Family Dogspuppy_home_025.jpg

Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles make great family dogs. They are wonderful with children, other animals and all people in general, but are particularly loyal to their family.  Retrievers and Poodles are ranked as the top 5 smartest breeds of dogs. Therefore, Goldendoodles train easily and are always very eager to please.

All of the puppies are raised in our home with and are considered part of the family until they leave and become part of your family.  They are well socialized through a playful environment that includes lots stimuli and love from all of our children.

You can go to our Previous Litters page to see past puppies from our beautiful and healthy moms and dads.  


Goldendoodles are active and athletic dogs that require a moderate amount of exercise.  Whether you prefer a 30 minute walk, throwing a ball in the park, or going for a 5 mile run, Goldendoodles love the activity and the interaction with people.  But don't be surprised at the end of the day, if your active Goldendoodle becomes a lap dog, regardless of size! 

Moxie in Motion



River Doodles Health Testing

At River Doodles we invest a lot of time and money into health testing our dogs before even being considered for our breeding program.  All of our parent dogs have many health tests they have to pass in order to meet River Doodles' high health standards.  These include a series of genetic breed-specific disease tests, hips and elbows tested for dysplasia, and eye exams.  Click on the Paw Print Health Tested Medallion next to each parent for testing results. 

Paw Print Pedigrees Dog Seal

Coat Types

Poodles coat types very greatly from wavy to curly, from fleece to wool, and so can the coats of Goldendoodles.  A benefit of these wonderful companions, is that they inherit some of the hypoallergenic and non-shedding qualities of the Poodle.  Although we cannot guarantee that your doodle will not shed, it will be much less than a retriever and F1b's are not expected to shed at all.


Standard: Medium to Large; Height: 21-29", Weight: 51+ lbs.

Medium: Height:17-20", Weight: 35-50 lbs.

Mini: Height:15-17", Weight: 20-34 lbs.

Petite: Height:15" and under, Weight: 7-20 lbs.

Please note that the estimated size of a puppy is an educated approximate by breeders.  The final size of the puppy may vary from original estimate. 

 OFA Sticker

Golden Doodle


Puppy_party_010_467x701.jpg  MaggieMae_Pink_Sept_1_2012_4000x3000_3.jpg

Wavy coat                vs                    Curly coat


Goldendoodles vary in size, coat type, and color.



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 **Exciting News!**

River Doodles was featured in a blog post by Teresa Zucchet from Flourish and Thrive titled "Life Lessons from a Mother of Ten"!  This was a great blog that reminds us as parents, specifically mothers, not to sweat the small stuff and to trust our inner instinct.  To read this blog, please go to

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