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Welcome to River Doodles

Home raised Goldendoodles, AND now BERNEDOODLES, from our family to yours! 

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   Located in Brea of STizsaFace.jpegouthern California   


 I was raised surrounded by Labrador Retrievers, usually two or more at a time.  Our family dogs did everything with us including running, hiking, and camping.  For a few years, I strayed away from the breed and had two Rottweilers.  While, these were wonderful dogs, the athleticism, loyalty, and friendliness, ultimately brought me back to the retriever. 

However, even though Labrador Retrievers are short-haired dogs, the dog hair always managed to pile in the corners of my wood floors.  So through a little bit of research I discovered Goldendoodles; low to non-shedding dogs plus athletic, loyal, and intelligent!

In fact, our Goldendoodle has been such a hit with family and friends we decided to breed her.  We are not a large breeder that has many dogs in a kennel.  Our dogs live inside our home with us usually curled up at our feet.  Their puppies will receive the same loving treatment as they are handled many times a day and will be very well socialized when they leave for their new homes!     

 ~ Kelly

River Doodles' Prices and Policies

We reserve the right to refuse a sale to a person/family for any reason at any time.

For those families desiring options and time is of the essence to bring home their newest member of the family, we now have a reservation option, Breeder’s Choice.  River Doodles typically reserves the first pick from each litter for our future breeding program, however, River Doodles will forego our reservation for a family interested in the Breeder’s Choice option.  This will not only allow the family to expedite the reservation process by avoiding the long wait lists, but also move the family to the top of the reservation list, giving them the pick of the litter! 

The fee for River Doodles to be able to provide this luxury to families and not retain these valued breeding lines is approximately 3.5 times the purchase price of the puppy.  A $500 non-refundable deposit will reserve this special puppy.  The Breeder’s Choice reservation is an option on any current or future litter up until the pups are 5 weeks of age. 

This reservation is for a Pet only and the puppy will be sold under River Doodles’ standard spay/neuter contract. The Breeder’s Choice reservation does not include breeding rights.

Goldendoodle Prices

F1 Standard Goldendoodles:  $2,000

F1 Medium Goldendoodles:  $2,200

F1b Medium & Standard Goldendoodles:  $2,200

F1b Mini Goldendoodles:  $2,500

Multigen Goldendoodles:  $2,500

Petite (20 lbs or less) Goldendoodles:  $3,000

~Prices are the same regardless of gender or color.

Bernedoodle Prices

F1 Standard Bernedoodles;

  • Tri-colored: $3,500
  • Phantom (like Rottweiler markings), Chocolate, Sable & Parti: $3,300
  • Abstract (black/white mis-markings): $3,000

F1b Bernedoodles;

  • Tri-colored: $3,800
  • Phantom (like Rottweiler markings), Chocolate, Sable & Parti: $3,500
  • Abstract (black/white mis-markings): $3,200

~Prices are the same regardless of gender.

NOTE:  An 8% CA sales tax will be added to purchase price of all puppies. 

Your puppy will include:

  • Vet checked before they are sent to their new homes.  They will have a health certificate for a clean bill of health.
  • You will receive an information folder with your puppy including dates of every shot and worm treatment since birth, and dates for the next required shots. 
  • This folder will also include important puppy information, vaccination records, microchip information, copies of the health certifications and AKC, if applicable, of the parents upon proof of spay/neuter.
  • 2-year health guarantee against genetic diseases.
  • Your puppy will come home with a blanket with the smells of mom and his/her other litter mates and a bag of puppy food.
  • Your puppy will also be micro-chipped and doggie door trained.
  • Trupanion Pet Insurance Offered

Deposit Policy

The F1b medium and standard goldendoodle puppies are $2,200, F1b mini and multigen goldendoodles are $2,500, petite goldendoodles are $3,000.  F1 tri-colored bernedoodles are $3,500, phantoms & partis are $3,200, and abstracts are $3,000. A deposit to reserve a puppy is a non-refundable $300.   You can pay with personal check, money order, cashier's check, or using PayPal.  Please fill out the Buyer Deposit and Information Form (see below) when submitting your deposit.  Families on our existing interest list will be contacted first and given the opportunity to place a deposit just prior to opening the reservation list on-line. Once your payment is received, your name will then be put on the waiting list.  Please note that if you use a credit card through PayPal then we receive payment instantly and your name will be placed on the reservation list at that time. However, if you use a check with PayPal then it will take 5-7 days for the check to clear and for us to receive payment, which will delay you being added to our reservation list. 

Click here to fill out the Buyer Deposit and Information Form.  Once you have filled out and signed the form, please email it back to us at .

To use PayPal, please click on the Buy Now button to the right.  A 3% processing fee will be applied by PayPal to the deposit, totaling $310, and to the remaining balance which is included in the drop down menu under the PayPal button to the right.   

Deposit Determines Place on Reservation List

Once we open the reservation list, the date we receive your deposit will determine your place on our reservation list.  For instance, first deposit gets first pick, second deposit received gets second pick, regardless of male or female preference. Prior to the puppies being born, we will put your name on the list for either a male or female or make a note that you do not have a preference.  However, after the puppies are born and we know how many of each gender we have, we would prefer that you choose either a male or female so that those who made deposits after yours will know exactly how many males or females will be available to choose from.

If you select a gender preference prior to the puppies being born and not enough of that gender are born into the litter, then you can either have your deposit refunded or roll it over to a future litter.  If you choose to roll it over to a current litter, then you will be placed after the families currently on the list.

Exceptions to the Non-Refundable Deposit

We will refund your $300 deposit only if you made your deposit prior to the puppies being born and you have requested a specific gender and not enough of that gender were born into the litter.  A notice is required, in writing as an email, if you are requesting a refund because the preferred gender is not available. River Doodles will refund your deposit within 30 days of receiving the notice. However, if you make your deposit after the puppies are born, we will not refund your deposit because you changed your mind on the gender of the puppy.   

Final Payment Policy

Final payment is required when you come to choose your puppy, which is 6 weeks from the birth date.  If you are choosing your puppy after 6 weeks, then we prefer cash to avoid canceled checks.  We will only accept checks for final payment up to 6 weeks.  Beyond that, no personal checks will be accepted for final payment.

If you would like to use a credit card, then please use PayPal, but payment must still be received when the puppy is 6 weeks old.  As stated above in Deposit Policy, PayPal charges 3% processing fee.  So final payment, minus the $300 deposit, is included in the Final Payment drop down menu to the right.  Please carefully choose the appropriate PayPal button for the remaining balance for either a medium/standard goldendoodle or for a mini/multigen goldendoodle. 

Guarantee Policy

Your puppy is guaranteed for 2 years against any genetic diseases.  Please take your puppy to your veterinarian within three days after taking it home for an examination.  If your veterinarian finds anything wrong with the puppy that is considered a pre-existing condition, then upon review with our veterinarian we will either replace the puppy, if one is available from that litter, or refund your payment.  We require a copy of the veterinarians exam to be reviewed by our veterinarian as well. 

Your puppy is being sold under a spay/neuter contract and is being sold as a pet only.  You have 6 months from the date of birth to have your puppy spayed/neutered.  We request a copy of the receipt from your veterinarian as confirmation of the spay/neuter.  Failing to provide this receipt by the 7th month will void your health guarantee.  Copies of parental AKC registration papers, if applicable, will be provided only upon confirmation of the spay/neuter, if requested.  Legal action may result if we do not receive confirmation of the spay/neuter by the 7th month.

Additionally, since goldendoodles are technically a mixed breed, we cannot guarantee the color, size, coat type, shedding, etc especially as the dog reaches maturity. 

If any unforeseen circumstances arise in the future and you can not care for your dog anymore, we will be happy to take your dog for you until either you or we find a new home for your dog.  However, no exchanges or refunds will be offered.   

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