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Welcome to River Doodles

Home raised Goldendoodles, AND now BERNEDOODLES, from our family to yours! 

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   Located in Brea of STizsaFace.jpegouthern California   


 I was raised surrounded by Labrador Retrievers, usually two or more at a time.  Our family dogs did everything with us including running, hiking, and camping.  For a few years, I strayed away from the breed and had two Rottweilers.  While, these were wonderful dogs, the athleticism, loyalty, and friendliness, ultimately brought me back to the retriever. 

However, even though Labrador Retrievers are short-haired dogs, the dog hair always managed to pile in the corners of my wood floors.  So through a little bit of research I discovered Goldendoodles; low to non-shedding dogs plus athletic, loyal, and intelligent!

In fact, our Goldendoodle has been such a hit with family and friends we decided to breed her.  We are not a large breeder that has many dogs in a kennel.  Our dogs live inside our home with us usually curled up at our feet.  Their puppies will receive the same loving treatment as they are handled many times a day and will be very well socialized when they leave for their new homes!     

 ~ Kelly

What's a Doodle?

A Goldendoodle or Bernedoodle is a cross between a Poodle and a Golden Retriever or Bernese mountain dog, respectively. The Doodles are wonderful family pets. Both breeds are very intelligent, easy to train, fun loving, happy, love people, adore children and other pets.  They love to take part in family activities, such as camping, hiking/walking, swimming etc....

Doodle Generations

F1 Doodles are a Golden Retriever or Bernese Mountain Dog x Poodle

F1 Goldendoodles/Bernedoodles are a Golden retriever/Bernese mountain dog bred to a Poodle.  The Poodle can be either standard or miniature or even toy sized.  This will give you 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever/Bernese mountain dog.  They can have various coat types from straight to curly.  This generation has a higher risk of shedding, but some do not shed.  When they do shed, most shed lightly and some moderately.  They shed less than the Golden Retriever or the Bernese mountain dog.

F1b Doodles are an F1 Doodle x Poodle
The F1b can be standard, medium or miniature sized. This will give you 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever/Bernese mountain dog.  This coat is primarily non-shedding, like the Poodle. F1b doodles' coats range from the soft curls to straight hair.

F2 Doodle are a F1 Doodle x F1 Doodle

This breeding gives a very unpredictable mix for the coat and therefore many coat types are possible.


F2b Doodles are also a F1 Doodle x F1b Doodle

This generation doodle also has many different coat types and is most likely non-shedding.  The F2b has slightly more Golden Retriever/Bernese mountain dog in the mix than the F1b.


Multigen Doodles are a F1b Doodle x F1b Doodle (or Poodle)

This generation is the third generation doodle with wavy or curly coat and are typically non-shedding.


Coat Types

Poodles' coat types very greatly from wavy to curly, from fleece to wool, and so can the coats of Goldendoodles and Bernedoodles.  A benefit of these wonderful companions, is that they inherit some of the hypoallergenic and non-shedding qualities of the Poodle.  Although we cannot guarantee that your doodle will not shed, it will be much less than a retriever or Bernese and F1b's are not expected to shed at all.

Puppy_party_010_467x701.jpg MaggieMae_Pink_Sept_1_2012_4000x3000_3.jpg
Wavy Coat
Curly Coat


Why a Mixed Breed?

Hybrid Vigor

A phenomenon known as hybrid vigor is when the first cross between two unrelated purebred lines is healthier than either parent line.  Hybrid vigor is decreased with each successional generation.

However, despite the benefit of hybrid vigor, the importance of responsible breeding in creating healthy dogs should not be underestimated.  While doodles tend to be healthier than their parent breeds, they can still be prone to conditions such as hip and elbow dysplasia and certain inheritable diseases.

Genetic Testing

Genetic testing can reduce the risk of many diseases. A reputable breeder will perform a number of tests and provide evidence of the successful results. It’s important for prospective buyers to understand that breeders invest a great deal of money upfront in finding healthy breeding stock and doing the required testing. This investment is usually reflected in the higher cost of the puppy for the buyer. A higher upfront cost will most likely reduce vet bills down the road. 

At River Doodles, genetic testing starts with the first generation of  Golden Retriever or a Bernese mountain dog and Poodle. Our genetic testing includes a panel of diseases specific to each breed (through PawPrint Genetics), hips and elbows tested for dysplasia (usually through OFA), and eye exams (OFA). Future generations are only bred from the healthiest parents and are also fully health tested. So while F1s have the greatest hybrid vigor, all generations of puppies from River Doodles are selectively bred to be for excellent health, temperament, and conformation.

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